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  • SHERIFAH OLABIYI, 14, High School Student
  • ADA OGBU, Volunteer
  • DANIEL ADEBAYO, Volunteer
  • ESTHER ADEPETUN, Volunteer

Sherifah was at first a member of our environmental club where she learned from our activities about the impact of environmental pollution.Currently,she is the Vice-President of the club and has spearheaded mini-projects like a workshop (for World Largest Lesson Week) and beach cleanup to enlighten her peers on pollution. In her words, “The reason why I do this is because I  want teenagers like myself to care about environmental sanitation and know the sustainable development goals.” It is evident that she loves the environment and does her bit to care for it.

Ada is a volunteer at our organisation she tells us about how attending our events have helped her litterless.”Being a volunteer has made me realise the importance of not throwing waste especially plastics on the floor as you don’t know where they might end up, polluting our environment. Furthermore, being one of the core volunteers of U-Recycle Initiative has encouraged me to practice what I preach; I have encouraged my family and friends to properly dispose their waste especially plastics. Big Cheers to a greener world.”

“When I finished secondary school, I developed a mindset of disposing waste in the right way. However, nothing prompted this action so I was not really devoted to it. I joined U-recycle last year, 2019. I was eager to learn more about recycling. I attended 2019 World Cleanup Day by U-recycle, during the programme, we were grouped and assigned to clean the Lagoon front (of the University of Lagos). After the cleaning, we were oriented on the importance of proper disposal of waste. I was also taught how to make money from recycling plastic bottles. Now, I’ve cultivated the habit of proper waste disposal, thereby contributing to the wellness of my surrounding, and human health. Also, I’ve made money from recycling plastic bottles too (not much though).”


“U-recycle initiative has really made me feel like an environmental advocate. Ever since I signed up as  a volunteer, I’ve met other environmental-conscious people who work together to create awareness, well as they say ‘the strength of the wolf is the pack’ this is perhaps the coolest part of being a U-Recycle volunteer. My whole perspective about the environment has changed. I shop with my own bag and I even have a water bottle user award I give my siblings (of course there’s no medal) the bottom line is that I am now a green advocate.


U-recycle Initiative Africa is a registered (CAC/IT/NO 157391) youth-led, non-profit organization committed to advancing circular economy, environmental sustainability, and climate action across Africa.

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