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LEARN Training

On Monday 4th 2019, U-recycle Initiative partnered with The Neo Child Initiative (TNCI), SOZO Networks, The Mindset Initiative, alongside three (3) SOZO Network Youth-in-development Alumni, to successfully execute a step-down training to eleven (11) other emerging young social change leaders.

LEARN was a capacity development SOZO step-down training for emerging social change leaders. Participants were taking through the basic process on how to execute a sustainable development project from start to finish. The training featured five strategic sessions which included:

  • Design thinking- Identifying a problem and proffering an effective solution, developing a theory of change.
  • Project Planning- how to prepare a proposal/pitch deck.
  • Leveraging on Partnerships and Opportunities- how to collaborate with the right partners for a project and efficiently utilize opportunities.
  • Fundraising- Tips on how to fundraise for a project and small grants one can apply for online.
  • Storytelling for Impact/Personal branding- how to project one’s work to the right people and get positive outcomes.

U-recycle Initiative Africa is a registered (CAC/IT/NO 157391) youth-led, non-profit organization committed to advancing circular economy, environmental sustainability, and climate action across Africa.

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