First U-recycle Workshop

On Wednesday 23rd January 2019, U-Recycle Initiative Nigeria’s first workshop was hosted at Queens College Lagos, having over 200 students in attendance including volunteers, guests and teachers.

Shortly after the opening prayers and introduction, a presentation was given to highlight the basic concepts of recycling defining recycling, what should be recycled, what can be recycled and why recycling is important.

Subsequently, the audience was enlightened on the process of starting a recycling system in their school, they were giving detailed procedures to be taken to ensure the smooth running of a recycling system in their school.

To ensure that students were carried along questions were asked at this point after which students who answered correctly were given freebies. To make the workshop lively and students took part in various recycling games. Next, we had a video projected on a large screen to make them understand how PET bottles are recycled into new products at a recycling factory.

We had Miss Doyinsola Ogunye the founder of Kids beach garden and medic initiative facilitate our expert talk session. In this session, she expatiated more on the process of recycling and its benefit to the environment.

To end the program, the coordinating teachers of the sanitation squad at Queen’s college were given posters and a school activity guide to aid them in commencing a recycle system at their school.

After this, vote of thanks was given, refreshment was served and pictures were taken.